Pure water-jet cutting


Pure water-jet cutting

Materials cut using pure water-jet cutting:

Rubber: elastomers, silicone, foam, traversed wood, leather, cardboard, imprinted plastic, carbon fibre, glass fibre, composite materials, etc.

Plastic: polyamide, polyacetal, polycarbonate, Mylar, PTFE, PET, POM etc.


HPT water-jet cutting machines with digital control system and equipped with an X-Y table. Cutting range 1200 x 800 mm - accuracy +/- 0.1 mm and 3000 x 1600 mm - accuracy +/- 0.1 mm.


Pure water-jet cutting machines generate a very fine jet with a high energy level (mach 2 speed). Pressure 1000 to 3200 bar. The coherence of the jet can be improved through the addition of polymer. The jet is perpendicular to the material to be cut, meaning that there is only a minimal lateral effect on the part. This procedure does not generate heat, doesn’t wet the material nor change its structure. The cut is incredibly clean.